Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Best of Austin 2013

I’ve decided to take a look back on all the events, restaurants and places I mentioned this past year and make an “end of the year top ten”.  He we go:

10. ACL Music Fest - The weather can be a downer but you can’t beat the band selection.
9. Driftwood Winery – Try the Starry Night.

8. Pieous – Homemade mozzarella!
7. Ester’s Follies – I mean, who doesn’t like to laugh?
6. Gourdoughs – No risk gluttonous goodness!
5. Austin Zoo and Sanctuary – Sponsor one of the animals and help support the sanctuary.
4. The Paramount Theatre – The best place to see a classic film.
3. Museum Day – One of the best times to catch up on all the art, sculptures and exhibits in town.
2. Downtown Walking Tours – Free historical tours of our city.
1. My Austin vacation home  – Just a little shameless promotion!

If you haven’t checked any of these out yet, make it your 2014 Resolution to do so! Have a safe and secure New Year!

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