Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Unique Austin Sites

One of Austin’s slogans is to “Keep Austin Weird”. We are proud to promote and encourage anything that separates our town from other cities. Here are some fun and unusual places to check out that celebrate our weirdness in the best possible way:

Peter Pan Mini Golf – The two mini putt-putt courses is a funky Austin tradition since 1946.  Cheap fun that won't bankrupt you. Cash only and BYOB.

Cathedral of Junk -  Located in the backyard of a small house in a residential area is an interesting structure made out of items that would normally be thrown out. Vince Hannemann, owner and builder of the sculpture allows visitors to come by and check it out for free. Donations of “junk” are always appreciated.

Austin Haunted Hearse ToursThis touring company takes you to 15 different Austin landmarks that are reportedly haunted or have paranormal activity. You'll drive around in style in a classic 1979 Cadillac Hearse.

Lala’s Dive Bar – Not a classy joint by any means but they do have drinks, a juke box and Christmas lights up year round.

Blue Starlite Drive-In Movie Theater  - Austin's only drive-in that features a variety of pop culture films.

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